• clay10pro

    Ride in: 2-6ft

    Perfect for clean, hollow waves.
  • dredger

    Ride in: 2-6ft

    The ultimate all-rounder. Ride Anything.
  • INDO

    Ride in: 4ft plus

    The ultimate steup-up for powerful hollow reefs.
  • LCD

    Ride in: 1-4ft

    Your summer shortboard with a twist.
  • supernova

    Ride in: 3-6ft

    Performance shortboard for the advanced surfer
  • trickster

    Ride in: 2-6ft

    Take your surfing to a new level!

Welcome to Clayton Surfboards

Clayton started shaping in 1994 as an apprentice at Safari Surfboards, where he learnt every detail of surfboard design from shaping to spraying. He was then tutored by Baron Stander where he honed his shaping skills and started testing new shapes and designs. Clayton is a surfer himself, and a good one. He surfed competitively for several years, and his personal experiments and the constant testing of his shapes makes him one of South Africa's most innovative surfboard shapers. Clayton's factory and well-stocked showroom is in Milne Street, Durban. Team riders include  Ricky Basnett, Beyrick De Vries and Brandon Jackson, some of South Africa's top board riders.

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